By | May 11th, 2012|

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Australian Podiatry Association of Victoria’s 2012 State Conference.

The conference held in Creswick, Victoria was attended by over 120 podiatrists across the state and helps podiatrists stay up to date with the latest research and technology. It also helps fulfill the Australian Podiatry Board’s requirement for podiatrists to complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional development each year.

Highlights of the 2 day program included:

Daniel Bonanno

Daniel shared his experiences of working as a podiatrist for an AFL club. The importance of podiatry at the elite level has increased dramatically over the years with rule changes, advances in sport science, progressive coaching methods and the ever evolving game of AFL.

At Camberwell Road Podiatry we can treat lower leg sports injuries sports injuries associated with AFL and provide advice on the best choice of football boots for your biomechanics.

Dr Stefania Penkala

Recent research has found 28% of children aged 4 to 12 years, experienced foot problems, with over a quarter ceasing physical activity which was significantly associated with problems attributed to footwear. Despite consistent recommendations about the importance of well-fitted and designed footwear, research over the last 70 years continues to report the majority of children wear inappropriate shoes.

At Camberwell Road Podiatry we treat all children’s foot problems and our podiatrists can advise you on the appropriate footwear for your child.

Kent Sweeting

Adult-acquired flatfoot is a common disorder seen by podiatrists. Tailoring non-surgical interventions to the condition depending on the stage of progression is critical to patient outcome and avoidance of surgery. A treatment regime consisting of a low articulating ankle foot orthoses (AFO) can be effective in relieving symptoms even in the most advanced cases. The Richie Brace AFO has become the gold standard of conservative, non-operative treatment for adult-acquired flatfoot in the United States. The Richie Brace is now available in Australia and Kent discussed its application when treating this challenging pathology.

At Camberwell Road Podiatry we can diagnose and treat adult-acquired flatfoot. Whether your case requires conservative treatment (custom-made orthotics) or more advanced treatment (AFO) our podiatrists can help.