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Cuboid Subluxation or syndrome as more commonly referred to is a condition relating to pain on the outside or the lateral side of the foot. Pain is often described as a sharp consistent pain along the outside region of the foot when walking and running.


The cause of cuboid syndrome is often linked to poor foot mechanics or someone with a hypermobile or flat foot type. The condition can also arise after a minor or acute ankle inversion sprain. The degree of pain can range from mild to severe and can affect many athletes although non-athletic people are often at risk too. The pain is due to a minor dislocation of the small cuboid bone due to the increased stress from the surrounding tendons.


Treatment can depend on the severity of the injury and will often involve manipulation and strapping carried out by the podiatrist. Sometimes an x-ray may be required to rule out any fractures or other abnormalities. It is also important to have your foot mechanics assessed by the podiatrist to promote full healing and prevention in the future. If you follow your podiatrist’s advice and get adequate rest for the required time after the injury, your feet will feel better and you will be able to get back to sports again.

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