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Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail and is estimated to affect up to 1.6 million Australians. Fungal nail infections aren’t pleasant––you may experience toenail discoloration, malodor, lifting of the nail or the nail completely dropping off.

If you suffer from fungal toenails the good news is that it is treatable and there is now a new alternative in treatment……….Photodynamic Therapy.

At Camberwell Road Podiatry we are excited to announce this revolutionary new treatment for fungal nails. If you find it hard to get rid of that pesky nail fungus say goodbye to the inconvenient nail lacquer treatments and say hello to PACT nail fungus therapy.

PACT® is an abbreviation of a scientific term called Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. Using this treatment effectively kills off nasty bacteria, viruses and fungi on skin surfaces, toenails and fingernails.

Yes. The only side effect to PACT treatment is the temporary blue staining of the nail for one day after treatment.


  1. Your podiatrist will firstly debride and remove all of the infected nail.
  2. A special PACT nail fungus gel is then applied to the nail and left to absorb for 10 minutes. This gel stains the fungal cells making them sensitive to the light emitted by the scientifically tested PACT LED lamp.
  3. The PACT LED light is applied for 9.5 minutes penetrating the nail and destroying the fungal cells.

PACT nail fungus treatment Melbourne

For successful treatment of a single nail 5 x 30 minute consultations is required as follows:

  • 3 x initial treatments in the 1st week
  • 1 x treatment review after 1 month
  • 1 x treatment review after 3 months

For more information please see our page on PACT nail fungus therapy.

For treatment please make an initial appointment with one or our Melbourne podiatrists. They will assess and diagnose your toenails and see if your nails are suitable for PACT nail fungus treatment.