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Spring is in the air and Melbourne comes alive with the Spring Racing Carnival. Highlights include the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, The Derby and the big one the Melbourne Cup. It is a well known fact that the most fragile part of a thoroughbred is its legs and feet. The same can be said for the thousands of ladies and young fillies who attend a day at the races during the Spring Racing Carnival.

Podiatrist tips to help your feet survive during the Spring Racing Carnival

Ok so you have spent months finding ‘the outfit’ for the races, the fascinator adds a touch of glamour, you look and feel amazing, the sun gods are smiling, the only question is will your feet survive the six hours and ten race day card? Here are some handy podiatrist tips to help your feet survive the day:

  • See a podiatrist – horse trainers like to have their horses in the best possible shape before the big feature races. You should be doing the same for your feet. If you suffer from corns and calluses seeing one of our Melbourne podiatrists for a foot treatment before a day at the races is a must.  Your feet will feel like they are walking on air and you will have them in best possible shape to cope with six hours of standing at the races.
  • Reduce the heel size of those shoes – a high heel shoe will place more pressure on your forefoot and metatarsal heads. Lower the heel height – lower the pressure. A one or two inch heel will be most comfortable for your feet.
  • Choose a shoe with a closed back – a closed back or heel counter will support your feet and heel pad. An open or sling back shoe causes the heel fat pad to squash more increasing pressure on your heel. Due to lack of support it will also cause your ankle to roll more placing more strain on lower leg muscles.
  • Prevent blisters – good fitting shoes are essential to help preventing blisters. The most prone areas are the toes, especially in shoes that have a narrow or tight toe box. Look for shoes with a round and deep toe box. Remember to bring some band aids or gel pads just in case. If you feel a ‘hot spot’ whilst at the races use a band aid or gel pad to help reduce the friction.
  • Stretch – six hours in high heels will cause calf contracture and your legs and muscles will be feeling it by days end. Some simple calf stretching throughout the day can help ease the discomfort of sore and tired legs.
  • If all else fails – carry some thongs or ballet flats in your bag. If your feet are struggling to cope don’t hesitate to change your shoes. Don’t be one of those people walking home barefoot. You have made the effort to look classy and stylish going to the races it would be a shame to ruin the look on the way home.

Finally don’t forget to enjoy the day. Hopefully you will see at least one horse and back a winner.

If foot pain persists then make an appointment with one of our Melbourne podiatrists.