By | November 26th, 2014|

Spring is here and it’s time to put your feet on show which means it’s a popular time to visit the nail salon for a pedicure and to have your nails done.  But before booking that first appointment at the nail salon there are some precautions you should take in order to prevent health hazards.

Most healthcare professionals, particularly podiatrists, agree that pedicures are often unsafe and can lead to infection and the spread of disease. This is because often the instruments used are not properly sterilised and therefore increase the spread of bacterial and fungal infections.


Here are some tips in order to avoid infection in nail salons:

  • Ask the salon how tools are sterilised — if tools are not sterilised using an autoclave, their safety cannot be guaranteed.
  • Avoid pedicures if you have cuts or sores on your feet or legs. This includes having shaved or waxed during the 24 hour period before a pedicure.
  • Cuticles should never be cut, only moisturised, and nails should be cleaned gently with a brush rather than by digging metal instruments at the cuticles.
  • If you have a history of contact dermatitis around the nails and/or eyes, you should request the use of a nail varnish for sensitive skin. All professional salons should stock such varnishes.
  • Never let them turn on the bubbles in the foot spa while you soak your feet. The jets in the whirlpool bath can harbour bacteria and fungus.

It is common for podiatrists to see patients who have contracted fungal or viral infections, like warts, fungal nails and athlete’s foot, caused by unhygienic nail salons. If the skin is cut by accident during a pedicure, you can also get bacterial infections by coming into contact with bacteria from a previous customer at the salon.


All of our instruments used by our Melbourne podiatrists are sterilised to strict Australian health guidelines. After each patient each instrument is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and then bagged in sterilisation pouches. These pouches of instruments are then sterilised at temperatures ranging from 121-134° in a steam autoclave. The steam and high temperature penetrates the pouches and kills infections, making the instrument safe to use on the next patient. This reduces cross infection keeping you and your feet safe from infection.

If you have concerns about corns, calluses, nail infections or ingrown toenails it is best to seek expert treatment from a podiatrist. At Camberwell Road Podiatry all our Melbourne podiatrists are trained professionally to treat these problems as well as all the other complaints that can arise from an unhygienic nail salon. So for a safer pedicure make an appointment today.