By | December 15th, 2014|

With summer on our doorstep, the weather is heating up and the sandals are coming out of the wardrobe. Summer can also bring about a number of different foot problems. Here are our top tips for keeping your feet healthy this summer.

Nail Care

Take care when cutting nails, always ensuring that you trim straight across and avoid cutting too close to the skin. Avoid cutting down into corners to prevent the development of ingrown toenails. If your toenails are cracked or discoloured, let them breathe and avoid trying to cover up the issue with nail polish. If you are concerned about a fungal nail infection, see our Melbourne podiatrists for assessment and recommendation of treatment.

Use good hygiene practice

Always wear shoes around public pools and communal shower/change areas where fungal and bacterial infections thrive. Wearing open toe shoes during summer will also prevent any nasty bugs like tinea, which thrive when your feet are hot and sweaty.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

In open toe shoes, your feet are just as sensitive to the sun’s harmful UV rays as the rest of the body, but they are often overlooked when applying. So remember to give your feet some attention when applying sunscreen.

Support your feet

Put on the thongs and sandals for the summer, but try to avoid wearing them all season. Wearing shoes with plenty of support will help prevent arch and heel pain.

Avoiding blisters

Alternating footwear is a great way of avoiding blisters. By doing this, the footwear does not rub on the same areas continuously.


If you are wearing socks over the summer, ensure that you change them regularly. When socks get damp with sweat, bacteria can build up; this increases the chances of getting an infection. Always wear natural fibre socks, such as wool or cotton. Moisture wicking socks can be useful at drawing the sweat away from your feet, keeping them as dry as possible.

Deal with dry skin

In the warmer weather, dry skin builds up easily. This occurs particularly in areas where straps and soles rub against the soft skin on your feet. The heels tend to be the most affected area. The dry skin can be broken down through daily use of a pumice stone. This is most effective straight after a shower or foot soak, when the skin is clean and soft. This should be followed by application of a moisturising cream or lotion to the affected areas.

Our Melbourne podiatrists can also help remove large amounts of callus and corns making your feet feel great for the summer.

Beat the heat, soak up the sweat

If sweaty and smelly feet are becoming an issue, wash your feet twice daily in soapy water or antibacterial wash and take care to dry carefully, ensuring that your are drying between your toes. Applying talcum powder can be a helpful way of keeping the feet dry and free from sweat.

Stay hydrated

Keep up the fluids in the heat for your whole body and to reduce the swelling in your feet.


If you are experiencing any trouble with your feet or just want your feet looking and feeling great then see one of our Melbourne podiatrists this summer.