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Are your custom-made orthotics showing signs of wear and tear? Can your orthotics be repaired? Are they still supporting your feet? Do you need a new pair? These are questions our Melbourne podiatrists can answer. Our podiatrists are fully trained and experienced  in custom-made orthotic prescription and modifications.

When should I get my orthotics checked?

We advise that you should make an appointment to get your orthotics checked by one of our Melbourne podiatrists if:

  • You are experiencing symptoms
  • You are finding your orthotics uncomfortable
  • You feel as though your orthotics have lost support
  • You have had your orthotics longer than 5 years

How long do custom orthotics generally last?

This can be hard question to answer. Ultimately it will depend on the type of material and the thickness of the material that your orthotics are made out of. Softer and thinner materials will compress and fatigue quicker under load meaning that you lose arch support and function quicker.   

As a rough guide soft EVA orthotics can last approximately 2-5 years, semi flexible polypropylene orthotics can last 5-10 years whilst more rigid polypropylene orthotics can sometimes last over 10 years. 

Once again if you have had your orthotics over 5 years we recommend an orthotic assessment with one of our Melbourne podiatrists who can then advise you how much life your orthotics have left. Who knows maybe your orthotics can be improved.

The covers are worn on my orthotics do I need a new pair?

Just because the covers are worn on your orthotics it doesn’t necessarily mean that your orthotics are past their use by date. The functional part of the orthotic is generally the shell or the part of the orthotic that ends just short of your forefoot. If this is still in good condition and supporting your arch then chances are your orthotics are still functional and just needs new covers.

Did you know that Camberwell Road Podiatry offers a repair service for custom-made orthotics? Please check out the page on orthotic repairs for more details.    

Are their advantages in getting a new pair of custom-made orthotics?

With technology changes custom-made orthotics are getting better and more accurate. Our orthotic lab Footwork had invested heavily in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining and custom built software to make your custom orthotics. This enables Footwork to produce orthotic shells of a much higher quality than is possible with traditional techniques, allowing much greater levels of precision in angles and sizes.

Another advantage is Camberwell Road Podiatry now offers digital casts. Your foot is now digitally 3D scanned instead of taking a plaster impression. Previously the orthotic lab would throw out your plaster impressions after 2 years due to storage issues. Now our Footwork keeps your digital profile forever. The advantage is that our Melbourne podiatrists can now reproduce your orthotics to 100% accuracy meaning there has never been a better time or a cheaper time to get a second pair of orthotics.

If your are interested in a second pair of orthotics please phone our friendly staff to discuss. Often the only thing required is a short 15 minute free of charge appointment so our Melbourne podiatrists can discuss your prescription and any additional requirements that you might have.