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Melbourne comes alive over the next few weeks with the Spring Racing Carnival. Highlights include the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, The Derby and the Melbourne Cup. As a fellow racegoer I see it every year. Thousands of young women limping home, high heeled shoes in their hands, with blistered and bruised feet. “It’s the price of fashion” they all will say but surely it’s not fashionable and elegant to walk home slightly tipsy in bare feet!

As a podiatrist I am well qualified to help your feet better see out a day at the races. Maybe you won’t have to walk home in bare feet this year if you follow these handy tips.

Podiatrist tips to help your feet survive a day at the races during the Spring Racing Carnival

Ok so you have just looked in the mirror. The outfit looks amazing you are excited to spend another day at the spring racing carnival. Who knows maybe you might even get to see a horse this year! The only question that remains is how your feet are going to survive the next six hours wearing those killer shoes! Sure they are a little tight but they are one of a kind, cost a bomb and they look amazing with that dress!!

Here are some handy podiatrist tips to help your feet survive the day:

See a podiatrist – horse trainers like to have their horses in the best possible shape before the big feature races and you should have your feet in the best possible shape. Getting corns and callus removed can be a big help to prevent blisters on the day and will go a long way to making your feet feel comfortable throughout the day.

Lower the heel height – lower the pressure – you might be a little smaller but you will be so much more comfortable if you get out of those high heels. High heeled shoes place more pressure on your forefoot and metatarsal heads. A one or two inch heel will be most comfortable for your feet.

Choose a shoe with a closed back – a closed back or heel counter will support your feet and heel pad better than a sling back. You are also more likely to roll your ankle in a sling back.

Choose good fitting shoes to prevent blisters – The most prone areas to blisters are the toes, especially in shoes that have a narrow or tight toe box. Instead choose a shoe with a round and deep toe box. Remember to bring some band aids or gel pads to put on ‘hot spots’ and help reduce friction.

Stretching is the key – a long day at the races in high heels will cause calf contracture and put extra strain on your legs and muscles. Some simple calf stretching throughout the day will make a huge difference and help ease the discomfort.

Protect your feet and change your shoes – Carry some thongs or ballet flats in your bag. If all else fails and you’re your feet aren’t coping then change into these closer to the end of the day. It is not a good look walking home in bare feet. Not only is it uncomfortable you are running the risk of foot injury and stepping on broken glass.

Finally don’t forget to enjoy the day. With these tips at least your feet will be certain to come home a winner.

If foot pain persists following a day at the races then make an appointment with one of our  Melbourne podiatrists.