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What are the best school shoes for my child?

Back to school is upon us again and so it’s time to get the kids ready for the class room and make sure they are ready for the school year. Uniforms need to be pressed and new school shoes need to be purchased.  But with so many school shoes out there with a big range of price I often get asked ‘what are the best shoes for my child?’

Does the cost of a school shoe matter?

Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing in many ways and it is important to protect their feet with the right shoes depending on the activity. Children spend at least 30 hours a week in school shoes not only in the classroom but on the playground too therefore a good pair of properly fitted school shoes is vital.  So is there a difference between the $15 school shoes and the $120 school shoes? Even though the appearance may be similar there is in fact a lot of features required in a good quality shoe which some of the cheaper models may be missing.

An article published in the Sydney Morning Herald earlier in the month discusses the key elements a parent should look for when buying a school shoe and how some of the cheaper models don’t always possess these features.

Podiatrist tips for selecting the right school shoes

So what are my tips when selecting the right shoes for your kids?

#1 – Look for a shoe that has all the right support features.

These include:

  • Firm heel counter to provide stability and support to the foot
  • Bends at the toes but not in the middle of the shoe
  • Lace ups or an alternative fastener like Velcro or buckles to ensure a snug fit
  • Length approximately one thumb’s width beyond the longest toe. Any longer than this and the shoe can become too sloppy and uncomfortable
  • A deep and wide enough toe box to allow the toes to spread naturally in the shoe

In our Melbourne foot clinic, our podiatrists find that Clarks and Ascent consistently make great supportive school shoes. They are also great when orthotics are required to worn inside school shoes.

#2 – Get fitted by a professional

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are buying the right shoe for your child so visit a shoe shop where there are trained professionals to help you. These shop attendants will measure both your child’s feet and width and recommend and then try the best shoes available dependant on their needs.

#3   If your child is experiencing pain or you have concerns visit a podiatrist

At Melbourne Podiatrists and Orthotics our podiatrists are experts in treating children’s feet of all ages. No issue is too small and no age is too young. Our Melbourne children’s podiatrists can diagnose and treat all children’s foot problems including gait issues, ingrown toenails, warts or even just provide you with the right footwear advice. So if you have any concern regarding your child’s feet or lower legs then make an appointment with one of our Melbourne children’s podiatrists today.