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After few days of consistent sun and warmth, Melbourne is letting us know that we are experiencing another hot summer! Whether you plan on going away for a few weeks to the beach or kicking back and enjoying the cricket over the coming months, don’t forget some simple, yet helpful tips for your feet to keep you up and about this summer!

Tip #1: Avoiding blisters

  • Got a brand new pair of shoes or sandals you are excited to show off over the summer? Make sure they are the correct fit for your foot. Proper fitting and comfortable shoes shouldn’t need to be ‘broken in’ – this increases the chances of rubbing and chaffing on the areas of your feet, sky-rocketing the chances of developing blisters.
  • Already got a blister? Don’t pop it – try to protect it with a simple padded dressing such as band-aid and avoid aggravating footwear. If it pops accidentally, apply antiseptic and a band-aid.

Tip #2: Monitor time in thongs/open footwear

  • Some of us may tempted to live out of thongs for the next few months due to the beach like weather – but this should be limited to times such as the beach. Wearing thongs all day, every day, in summer may land you in some trouble – including excessively dry and cracking heels, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and overall less support and stability.
  • Sandals with an enclosed heel counter and thongs with arch support are better– but ideally you would like to keep thong wearing to a minimum when possible.

Tip #3: Avoid barefoot walking

  • The two minute walk around the corner to the shop or beach may tempt some into thinking shoes are not required – however this is not the case. During the hotter days, floors and concrete foot paths exposed to the sun can be deceptively hot – even to a point where they may cause cuts, burns and blisters, all of which may lead to further infection.
  • Public places tend to sometimes be littered with some dangerous objects – going shoeless only increases your chances of injury from objects such as broken glass, splinters and other sharp items that may be lying around.
  • Those with diabetes should always avoid barefoot walking – daily foot checks especially after beach days and long walks are always wise!

Tip #4: Sweaty feet in hot weather

  • Warm, moist environment? Public pools, public showers? Damp socks? Sweaty feet? That’s the ideal party for bacteria and fungi! All of these factors can contribute to increased chances of picking up an infection which may lead to tinea and nail fungus.
  • To help with sweaty feet, try to wear natural fibre socks such as wool and cotton. Change out of damp socks to a fresh pair (some people may need to change 1-2 times daily), as damp socks can lead to a quick build-up of bacteria. Moisture wicking socks may also be useful. Drying feet well after swimming and showering is also strongly advised.

Tip #5: Sunscreen

Last but certainly not least, whether you are going for a swim or a trying for a tan, sunscreen is a must – all over, including the feet. The sun over Australia is very potent, and delivers strong UV rays. The feet are not exempt from overexposure to harmful UV rays, and so they should not be forgotten or neglected when applying sunscreen. Just remember Australia has one of the highest incidence rates for skin cancer and melanoma in the world (sunburn causes 95% of melanomas, the most deadly form of skin cancer) – so take care and use sunscreen at all times and don’t forget to apply it to your feet! Click here for more information on melanoma & feet

Foot problems in summer?

If you are suffering from any foot problems over summer then an appointment with one of our Melbourne podiatrists should be your first priority. All of the podiatrists at our Melbourne foot clinic are experienced in diagnosing and treating foot and lower leg injuries that commonly occur over summer months. They can help get you back on your feet and can give you the right footwear advice to prevent further problems.