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Foot Heath Week – 15th – 21st October 2018

Each year the Australian Podiatry Association runs a Foot Health Week campaign to promote foot health and encourage better health outcomes to all Australians.

This year Foot Health Week runs from the 15th October to the 21st October and the theme is:

Pods get you … moving, pain-free and living a fuller life!

The theme highlights a podiatrist’s contribution to helping you achieve better foot health. Podiatrists are qualified health professionals that focus on the feet and how they influence the leg and upper body postures.

At Melbourne Podiatrists and Orthotics our podiatrists understand how important it is to keep you mobile and moving without pain. We can assess, diagnose and treat foot, ankle, knee, leg or hip pain. So if you suffer with foot or leg pain make an appointment with one of our podiatrists today.