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Ageing feet podiatrist Melbourne

Foot pain and problems become more common as you age. The latest research reports that one in four older people experience some sort of foot pain.

What happens to feet as they age?

Common foot problems affecting older people may include:

Nail problems

Nails can become more brittle, thicker and harder making them more difficult to trim and prone to ingrown toenails and fungal infections. Some older people have difficulty reaching their feet or have reduced eyesight making it harder to attend to their nails and feet.

Skin problems

As you age you lose cushioning and soft tissue fat in the pads of your heels and balls of your feet. Skin also loses its elasticity making it more thin and vulnerable. Finally your skin loses moisture and becomes more dry with age. All of these skin changes can make you more prone to pressure and friction and thus more prone to painful corns and calluses on your feet.

Bone and joint changes

Bone deformities become more common with age due to natural wear and tear. Joint changes such as bunions or arthritis can cause great discomfort in feet and make shoes more difficult to fit. This also increases the risk of falls which for many can have drastic consequences and reduce mobility.

Can foot problems be prevented in ageing feet?

Yes. For most older people foot problems can be prevented by regular maintenance and podiatry care. Trimming nails regularly and keeping feet moisturised can help reduce pressure areas. It is important to wear comfortable well -fitting shoes to avoid pressure areas and to keep your feet supported. Insoles such as orthotics can help cushion and support a foot that has undergone musculoskeletal changes.

Taking good care of your feet as you age is essential for your foot health as it helps you stay active and mobile. Our experienced Melbourne Podiatrists are trained to help with all your foot related needs. Regular podiatry appointments will help keep your feet mobile for longer.