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Custom orthotics 3D printed Melbourne

Footwork are leaders in premium custom orthotics in Australia

Our custom orthotics, manufactured by Footwork Podiatric Laboratory, are now 3D printed ! Footwork are one of the leading manufacturers of premium foot orthotics in Australia. Previously their custom orthotics were manufactured using CNC milling. Whilst this style of manufacturing produced great orthotics it had some limitations when it came to design and required hand made finishing, relying on the skill of the technician. But the main problem with CNC milling was the environmental impact as this style of manufacturing  produces an enormous volume of watse.

The advantages of 3D printed custom orthotics

Footwork migrated to 3D printed custom orthotics in the second half of 2019 and were the first lab to to adopt the premium material used today in custom orthotic manufacturing, known as ‘PA11 nylon’.

3D printing custom orthotics has number of advantages including:

Environmentally friendly custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are now 3D printed using ‘PA11 nylon’, which is a premium natural organic resource. 3D printing of orthotics now produces 90% less waste when compared to CNC milling polypropylene, making your custom orthotics environmentally friendly.

Limitless design custom orthotics

3D printed orthotics are limitless when it comes to design. Combined with Footwork’s state-of-the-art design software, our podiatrists have full versatility over your prescription and can practically design any addition that may enhance your custom orthotic. The design of your orthotic is now only limited by our imagination.

More accurate custom orthotics

Custom orthotics produced with 3D printing are more accurate than ever. They can be produced to the exact millimeter, meaning more accurate custom orthotics are produced when it comes to flexibility, shape and fit. Also with 3D printing there is no hand made finishing required, meaning less chance of human error and greater consistency across the board.

Strong and durable custom orthotics

‘PA11 nylon’ is proving to be a stronger and more durable material compared to older orthotic materials, including polypropylene. Footwork have even tested it withstanding the force of a car running over it!

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Whislt 3D printing is at the forefront of orthotic manufacturing technology just because your custom orhotics are 3D printed it doesn’t guarantee you that they will be accurate and comfortable. Accuracy of custom orthotics are solely determined by the accuracy of the prescription and the skill of the podiatrist. That is where our Melbourne podiatrists lead the way.

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we are so confident in prescribing you accurate custom orthotics that we offer you a 100% comfort guarantee. No other Melbourne podiatry clinic has the same guarantee on their prescriptions so why choose anyone else when it comes to accurate custom orthotics.

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