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We are still open !

Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics remain open during stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, however we are restricted to “essential” services only during this period.

DHHS guidelines for podiatrists during stage 4

In order to restrict non-essential movement across the state the The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) states that podiatrists can only provide essential services or services that prevent a significant change/deterioration in functional independence necessitating escalation of care.

In other words podiatrists can only provide essential services that prevent a significant deterioration in the ability to carry out daily activities, that if not treated would then require an escalation of care such as – referral to a specialist, an increase in care needs (physical or mental), or hospitalisation.

Common patient questions during stage 4 restrictions

Should I come in or reschedule my appointment during stage four restrictions?

If your appointment meets the “essential” criteria as outlined above then yes, you are free to make and attend your podiatry appointment.

If your appointment does not meet the criteria then it is likely to be considered “non-essential”. You should strongly consider rescheduling or postponing your appointment until after the stage 4 lockdown period is over (ending on the 13th September).

Do I need a GP referral?

You do not require a GP referral to access podiatry services under stage 4 restrictions but you must meet the “essential” criteria in order for care to be provided.

I am unsure if my podiatry appointment is essential or non-essential?

We will be sending everyone with an appointment during this period a questionnaire via SMS to help you determine if your appointment meets the essential criteria.

Our podiatrists will also be contacting all patients without SMS functionality prior to their appointment to help them through the process and answer any questions.

If you are still unsure please free to call us on 9882 5584 and a podiatrist will discuss your case in more detail to determine if it meets the essential criteria.

The ultimate goal is to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic, whilst helping to
reduce the spread of the virus, so if you can afford to
postpone your appointment we urge you to do so.


Are there any other treatment options for non-essential treatment?

If you require non-essential treatment advice you could consider a telehealth appointment. Telehealth is an online video podiatry consultation and can be great for still treating a number of foot conditions that don’t require a “hands on” approach. It is also fantastic when seeking a second opinion.

For more information please visit our telehealth page.

Important – Coronavirus Policy

To be eligible for a face-to-face podiatry consultation all patients must still meet the strict terms of our coronavirus patient policy.

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Do you still need essential foot care?

Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics remain open during stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne.

So if you still require “essential” or “urgent” foot care meeting the DHHS guidelines book an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists today!