A callus is a thickening of skin caused through pressure and friction. It is the body’s way of protecting the skin being traumatised. When callus builds up it causes pain. If neglected the callus and pressure will continue to build and this could lead to corns, ulcers and scarring.

Callus is most common on the top of the toes, bottom of the feet and around the heels. Callus areas are caused through excess pressure and this can be the result from poor fitting footwear, poor foot mechanics or may even be due to the genetic structure of your feet. For this reason some foot types will be more prone to callus than others.

Treatment for callus by our podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic involves carefully reducing the callus with a scalpel. This procedure is painless and produces instant foot relief, making your skin soft once again.

For chronic painful calluses our podiatrists can check your gait and prescribe orthotics if required. Orthotics can help improve foot function and will redistribute pressure more evenly across the feet.

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The podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic can diagnose and treat all skin and nail problems affecting the feet. Regular podiatry treatments can help prevent foot problems and keep you mobile on your feet, leading to better health.

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