Corns are similar to callus in that they form to excess pressure but they are deeper and more focal skin lesions. A Corn forms under callus and appears as a small dot or lesion. It is a similar discomfort to having a small stone stuck in your foot. Corns are very painful because they are deeper in the skin they often push on nerve endings.

If neglected the ongoing pressure can breakdown the lower layer of skin and lead to an ulcer, which may then lead to infection. Corns are caused by focal and intense pressure. They are most common on bony areas of the feet like on top of toes, in between toes, or under the forefoot (metatarsal heads).

Treatment for corns by our podiatrists involves enucleating or excising the corn carefully with a scalpel. This procedure is painless and gives immediate pain relief. It is a short delicate procedure that should only be undertaken by a skilled and experienced podiatrist.

Corns don’t have a root and will return if the cause of the pressure is not addressed. For chronic painful corns that keep returning our podiatrists can manufacture padded insoles and orthotics. These help redistribute pressure away from the corn area and can help delay or prevent its return.

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