Cracked heels or heel fissures are a common foot problem resulting in dry and cracked skin around the heels. Quite often there will also be thick callus surrounding he heels.

There are numerous causes of heel fissures or cracked heel on the feet. Some common causes include hormonal changes, infection, medication or dry skin. Biomechanical factors can also lead to cracked heels and this includes excess weight or forces on the heel pad and continual flattening of the heel pad structure, leading to callus and fissures. Heel fissures are often painful and if deep can be a source of infection so they should not be dismissed.

Treatment of cracked heels or fissures at our Melbourne clinic involves careful reduction of the excess callus and fissure. This podiatry treatment is painless and produces immediate results making your heels soft and beautiful once again. Our podiatrists can also advise you on the best skin products for your heels to help prevent dry skin and cracking. Orthotics and footwear advice can also be of assistance if cracked heels are due to biomechanical causes.

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The podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic can diagnose and treat all skin and nail problems affecting the feet. Regular podiatry treatments can help prevent foot problems and keep you mobile on your feet, leading to better health.

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