What is a callus?

A callus is a thickening of skin caused through pressure and friction. It is the body’s way of protecting the skin being traumatised. Most minor calluses are asymptomatic but when a large callus builds up it can cause pain. It is most common on the top of the toes, bottom of the feet and around the heels. If neglected the callus and pressure will continue to build and this could lead to more painful conditions such as corns, ulcers and scarring.

Do you suffer from callus?

Signs & symptoms of callus

The following signs or symptoms can indicate a callus on the foot:

  • A thick or rough area of skin on the foot or toes
  • A hardened raised bump on the foot
  • Dry, flaky or waxy appearance of skin on the foot
  • A yellowish thickened appearance of skin on the foot
  • Callus can be either asymptomatic or present as mild discomfort
Callus removal Camberwell

Causes of callus

Callus areas on the foot are caused through excess pressure and this can be the result from poor fitting footwear, poor foot mechanics or may even be due to the genetic structure of your feet. For this reason some foot types will be more prone to callus than others.

Callus diagnosis

Callus is easily diagnosed clinically by our Melbourne podiatrists, who are experts in identifying skin conditions of the foot without the need for further tests.

Podiatry treatment for callus

Treatment for callus is done by our trained podiatrists in Melbourne. It involves carefully reducing the callus with a scalpel. This procedure is painless and produces instant foot relief, making your skin soft once again.

NB. You should only trust podiatrists using a scalpel on your feet.

Our podiatrists regularly perform callus removal as part of a general foot care treatment (medical pedicure). This involves nail care, removal of corns and callus, followed by application of a foot moisturising cream, making your feet feel soft and smooth again. All instruments used are fully sterilised to Australian health standards.

For chronic painful calluses our podiatrists can check your gait and prescribe orthotics if required. Orthotics can help improve foot function and will redistribute pressure more evenly across the feet, reducing pressure areas and callus formation.

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At our Melbourne foot clinic our podiatrists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. This includes callus diagnosis and callus removal.

So if you are suffering from painful callus or an unsightly foot condition book an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists today!