What are smelly feet?

Smelly feet, also known as bromodosis, is a common foot condition caused by a build of bacteria on the feet resulting in unpleasant foot odour. It is often associated with sweaty feet and can be a major source of embarrassment for the patient.

The good news is that with podiatry treatment incidences of bromodosis or smelly feet can be reduced or prevented.

Do you suffer from smelly feet?

Signs & symptoms of smelly feet

The following signs or symptoms may indicate smelly feet:

  • A build up of sweat or perspiration on the soles of the feet or between the toes (sweaty feet)
  • Excess sweat or moisture in your socks after removal
  • An unpleasant smell or odour emanating from the feet
  • The presence of fungal infections on the skin of the feet may also lead to smelly feet
Smelly feet treatment Camberwell

Cause of smelly feet

Smelly feet are caused by excess bacteria on the feet associated with excess perspiration or sweat. People naturally have bacteria that live on the feet but too much bacteria can cause skin and oil break down. When the bacteria rids themselves of these wastes, they produce gases which results in an unpleasant foot odour.

Bacteria thrive in dark, moist warm environments therefore feet that perspire excessively and feet that are trapped in closed environments for long periods are more prone to foot odour.

Smelly feet diagnosis

Smelly feet are usually self diagnosed and noticed by the patient when they remove their socks and shoes. Our Melbourne podiatrists, who are experts in identifying skin conditions of the foot, can also diagnose this condition clinically.

Podiatry treatment for smelly feet

Treatment for smelly feet or foot odour at our Melbourne clinic focuses on eliminating the causative factors. This generally involves preventing perspiration and bacteria build up on the feet. Our podiatrists can assess your smelly or perspiring feet and advise you on the best treatments and products to help combat foot odour.

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Has a podiatrist checked your smelly feet?

At our Melbourne foot clinic our podiatrists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. This includes the treatment of smelly feet or foot odour.

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