Tinea, also commonly referred to as “athlete’s foot” is a common skin condition found on the foot, caused by a fungus. Tinea is often asymptomatic in its early form and may present as scaling or flaking skin. If allowed to progress to a chronic stage tinea can lead to inflammation, itchy skin and sometimes even infection.

Tinea is caused by a fungal infection and it thrives in dark, moist, warm conditions. For this reason tinea is most common between the toes and on the soles of the feet. Those patients that suffer from sweaty feet are more prone to tinea infections. Being enclosed in socks or nylon stockings for long periods also provides a perfect breeding ground for tinea.

Treatment for tinea by our Melbourne podiatrists involves treating the cause. Generally this involves addressing the environmental factors that cause tinea. Our podiatrists can also recommend the best anti-fungal treatments to help treat and prevent tinea infection of the feet.

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