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Custom orthotics are prescribed by our Melbourne podiatrists following thorough assessment and strict orthotic prescription guidelines. At our Melbourne foot clinic we use a thorough orthotic consultation process to ensure quality and accuracy. Don’t be fooled by podiatry clinics that try and cram this process into 1 or 2 appointments. More often this will result in a rushed and inaccurate custom orthotic prescription.

Diagnosis and treatment is always our priority

Our first priority before any talk of orthotic intervention is accurate diagnosis of any lower leg or foot symptoms by our podiatrists. Once diagnosed accurately the podiatrist will form a treatment plan. If they believe custom orthotics are an essential part of the treatment plan then we will advise a biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis at our Melbourne clinic.

If you aren’t suffering from any major symptoms but want an orthotic assessment or new orthotics then we can generally perform the biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis on your first appointment.

Custom Orthotics

Step one: Biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis

Biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis involves a 30 minute consultation with one of our Melbourne podiatrists. This is an extremely important part of the orthotic process and a thorough examination is essential to produce an accurate custom orthotic. The way you walk and the way your foot functions tells our podiatrists important information to help formulate the custom orthotic prescription, such as:

  • The type of orthotic suited to your feet and gait.
  • The amount of orthotic correction required.
  • Where correction and orthotic forces need to be applied – e.g. rearfoot, midfoot or combination.
  • Orthotic additions and modifications required to get your feet functioning at their optimum.
  • Footwear advice and the type of runners best suited to your feet.
computer gait analysis Melbourne

The first part of the consultation at our Melbourne podiatry clinic involves a full assessment, including biomechanical measurements of the bones, muscles and joints of your lower leg and feet. Your posture and stance is then accurately assessed by our Melbourne podiatrists.

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The second part of the consultation involves computer gait analysis. Using a treadmill and a video camera, your gait (walking or running pattern) is carefully analysed. Computer gait analysis enables our podiatrists to review the footage frame by frame. This helps to identify subtle biomechanical faults whilst taking important lower leg biomechanic measurements.

computer gait analysis Melbourne podiatrist

After the biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis our podiatrists will identify if your feet would benefit from orthotics and if so will formulate a prescription based on your symptoms, biomechanics and footwear. Toward the end of the consultation our Melbourne podiatrists will run through the best orthotic options for your feet, including costing, so you can go away, think, and make an informed decision.

Step two: Digital 3D foot scans of your feet using the iQube scanner

If you have decided to proceed with custom orthotics then the next step is to take cast impressions of your feet. This is a 30 minute consultation with one of our podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic. Accurate foot casts or impressions are important for orthotic fit, comfort and accurate correction.

At our Melbourne podiatry clinic our podiatrists use the latest technology and that includes the state-of-the-art Delcam iQube scanner. This scanner is a laser based system evolved from the aerospace industry and is one of the leading foot scanners on the market today. It takes 3D impressions of your feet to an amazing accuracy of 0.4 mm. Other scanners on the market simply don’t have the capacity to capture as much foot information as the iQube and can’t compete with its accuracy.

3D digital foot casts have a number of advantages over older traditional methods like plaster casting and foam impression boxes that many podiatrists still use:

  • 3D digital foot scans with the iQube take a matter of seconds. If our podiatrist is unhappy with the scan they can simply take another one until it is 100% accurate. This significantly improves quality control. Casting with plaster takes time and if the podiatrist gets it wrong they generally don’t have time or don’t bother for another attempt.
  • 3D digital foot scans are sent securely and electronically on the spot to our orthotic lab. This results in faster production times and eliminates the risk of cast damage during postage.
  • Your 3D digital foot scan is saved on file meaning you can get identical second or replacement pairs made if you need them or lose them.

Following accurate 3D digital foot scans of both feet our Melbourne podiatrists will again double check your orthotic prescription and make sure that it is accurate to your gait, posture and footwear. Orthotic options such as materials, length and covers are then discussed so the custom orthotics are specific to your needs. The final custom orthotic prescription is then sent electronically along with your foot impressions to our orthotic lab. This allows for an extremely fast 7-10 day production and turnaround time.

We use Footwork for custom orthotic manufacture

Your custom orthotics are manufactured at Footwork Podiatric Lab, one of the leading suppliers of orthotics in Australia and known for their quality and precision. Orthotics are created in state of the art 3D design and manufacturing facilities on the latest full CNC machining centres to ensure optimum accuracy. Footwork is the only orthotic lab where your orthotic prescription is processed and overseen by a qualified podiatrist.

Footwork Orthotic Lab Melbourne

Step three: Issue of your custom orthotics

The issue of your custom orthotics is a 15 minute consultation with one of our podiatrists at our Melbourne podiatry clinic. It is a no charge appointment and included in the cost of your orthotics.

During this appointment your podiatrist will make sure your orthotics have been accurately manufactured and they will check the fit to your foot and shoes. Whilst we advise you to start wearing your orthotics in gradually generally if your orthotic is prescribed accurately it should always be comfortable.

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Step four: Evaluation of your custom orthotics

The evaluation of your custom orthotics usually takes place 1-2 weeks after the issue. This is a 15 minute consultation with one of our podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic. It is also included in the cost of your orthotics.

During this consultation your podiatrist will check that your orthotics are fitting 100% without irritation. They will also check that the orthotic is fitting and functioning well in your footwear. It also allows for any teething problems or minor issues to be quickly fixed. Generally most minor orthotic and footwear issues can be easily resolved by our podiatry team at the evaluation. Our podiatrists will also check on the progress of your treatment plan and may prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises if indicated.

NB. Evaluations after 14 days may be considered a review and will charged accordingly. 

Step five: Final custom orthotic review

The final custom orthotic review takes place approximately 1 month after the evaluation with your podiatrist. This orthotic review is a 30 minute consultation at our Melbourne clinic. It is a charged consult at our standard consultation rates. This review is compulsory for patients to meet the terms and conditions under our custom orthotics guarantee.

By this time you would have had 4-6 weeks wearing of your custom orthotics. Your body should now be fully adjusted to wearing orthotics. This is a very important consultation as it lets our podiatrists know how your body is functioning with your orthotics. It lets us know if your orthotics are having a positive effect on your symptoms or if they may be causing other secondary issues.

At this appointment your gait is analysed wearing your orthotics. If there are minor issues then it might take some further modification of your orthotics to slightly reduce or increase correction. Sometimes it may involve a simple change of running shoes. If everything is comfortable and you are experiencing no problems then we can give your custom orthotics the green light knowing they are functioning 100% accurately for your feet.

Ongoing advice including stretching and strengthening to help prevent future problems, as well as orthotic care and maintenance is also given by our podiatrists.

NB. It is important that the orthotic evaluation and review appointments are not missed. This ensures quality and accuracy of your custom orthotic devices. Other podiatrists who do not provide this level of review will simply have no idea if your custom orthotics are functioning correctly.

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We guarantee custom orthotic comfort

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we have such faith in our podiatrists and custom orthotic prescription that our custom orthotics come with our 100% comfort guarantee. If your custom orthotics are not comfortable or deemed to be inaccurate we will remake them at no extra charge*. We are unaware of any other podiatry clinic in Melbourne that offers the same level of service on custom orthotics so why choose anyone else.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Our Melbourne podiatrists prescribe custom orthotics following strict prescription guidelines and a thorough consultation process to produce accurate and comfortable custom devices. We can prescribe custom orthotics for children, sporting feet, adults and seniors.

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