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Using a treadmill, digital video and computer our Melbourne podiatrists can perform an accurate assessment of your walking or running pattern. Computer gait analysis allows frame by frame analysis for easier detection of biomechanical faults and this greatly assists our podiatrists in diagnosis of your injury or foot problem. Common causes of injury can include poor foot mechanics, tight muscles or even poor running shoes and these can be all detected through computer gait analysis.

In our Melbourne clinic our computer gait analysis system, siliconCOACH, has proven to be a valuable dynamic tool for both the patient and podiatrist that leads to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and lower leg injuries. Computer gait analysis can be used on children of all ages, adults and senior’s feet.

gait analysis Melbourne

What are biomechanical faults?

Biomechanical faults are either congenital or acquired postural faults that affect the way we walk or run. Biomechanical faults can cause abnormal motion and poor function of joints and muscles. This can then in turn place extra strain on joints and muscles and ultimately lead to injury.

Some common biomechanical faults that can affect the gait cycle include:

  • Excess pronation
  • Over supination
  • Excess pelvic tilt
  • Tight lower leg muscles
  • Leg length discrepancies

What is excess foot pronation?

Pronation is a term used to describe the inward rotation of a body part and is often seen within the foot. Excess pronation occurs in the foot when the arch flattens out and the ankle joint rolls inward too much during walking or running. Patients with excessively pronated feet will usually display the “too many toes sign” when viewed from behind. Excess foot pronation is one of the most common biomechanical faults that podiatrists observe during gait analysis.

Excess foot pronation leads to lower leg problems

In order for our feet to function smoothly and efficiently we need some degree of foot pronation. This is important especially at heel strike where foot pronation helps absorb shock and forces associated with ground contact. If the feet excessively pronate then forces to other parts of the lower leg. The lower leg rotates inward too much, which then causes the knee to rotate which in turn rotates the hip and drops the pelvis. Excess foot pronation results in too much lower leg rotation, poor alignment and instability. Excess foot pronation can lead to problems such as: shin pain, tired and aching feet, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

Advantages of computer gait analysis

Computer gait analysis has many advantages for the treating podiatrist over visual gait analysis. The ability to analyse the gait cycle frame by frame makes it far easier to detect subtle biomechanical faults and excess pronation. This is especially advantageous during heel strike and early stance phase.

The initial part of the stance phase incorporates heel strike and early loading of the foot. In real time these events happen very quickly and subtle joint movements are often missed by the naked eye. With visual gait analysis even a trained podiatrist eye will often miss this important part of gait and will usually only see what happens during late stance (midstance to propulsion).

Computer gait analysis allows a more accurate in depth assessment of the whole gait cycle so biomechanical faults or potential causes of injury are not missed by the podiatrist.

gait analysis Melbourne

Computer gait analysis at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics

Computer gait analysis forms part of our biomechanical assessment, which is a 30 minute appointment  at our Melbourne foot clinic with one of our trained podiatrists. Because it involves activity and movements you should dress appropriately. Shorts or pants that can be easily pulled above the knee will usually suffice. You should also bring in any applicable footwear such as work shoes, school shoes and running shoes so our podiatrists can assess for support and any abnormal wear patterns.

The first part of the consultation involves a full assessment of your lower legs, including biomechanical measurements of the bones, muscles and joints  of your lower leg. Such things as joint range of motion, muscle  flexibility and angular bony alignment is recorded.  Your posture and stance is then accurately assessed.

The second part of the consultation involves computer gait analysis of your gait (walking or running pattern) on a treadmill. In cases of small children our podiatrists might prefer to video them walking down the hallway to get a more accurate assessment. Our podiatrists will review the footage of your gait frame by frame whilst taking important lower leg biomechanical measurements. Biomechanical faults are identified so they can be corrected with treatment.

gait analysis Melbourne

Improve your gait and eliminate faults with custom orthotics

Orthotics Melbourne Podiatrist

Computer gait analysis allows our podiatrists to detect biomechanical faults and flaws in your walking or running. The good news is custom orthotics can be successfully used to help correct a lot of these faults. Custom orthotics improve foot function by reducing foot pronation to normal levels. This in turn improves lower leg alignment, stability and gait. Through this method orthotics can then help treat a number of lower leg and foot problems including foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip and even back pain.and can help make your gait more stable and efficient.

Computer gait analysis produces accurate custom orthotics

The information and measurements from a biomechanical assessment and computer gait analysis enables our Melbourne podiatrists to formulate an accurate custom orthotic prescription for your feet. It tells our podiatrists how much orthotic correction needs to be applied to your feet and where the specific orthotic forces need to be applied.

Overall we find that computer gait analysis results in more accurate custom orthotic prescription. At our Melbourne podiatry clinic our expert podiatrists will guarantee you accurate and comfortable custom devices through our 100% orthotic comfort guarantee.

gait analysis Melbourne
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Computer gait analysis is an important diagnostic tool in our Melbourne foot clinic. It allows for better treatment of foot and lower leg problems as well as more accurate orthotic prescription.

If you think your feet could benefit from computer gait analysis then make an appointment with one of our podiatrists today.