Melbourne Podiatrists that guarantee and deliver results

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we guarantee and deliver patients results. We are the only podiatry clinic in Melbourne that offers a 100% comfort guarantee on custom orthotics as well as a 100% cure guarantee on nail surgery. So if you want the best care for your feet then visit our friendly Melbourne podiatrists today.

Custom Orthotics Guarantee

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we have full confidence in our podiatrist’s ability to prescribe you with accurate custom orthotics. That is why our fully prescribed custom orthotics come with a 100% comfort guarantee.

The number one reason for uncomfortable custom orthotics is the wrong prescription. If your custom orthotics prescribed by one of our podiatrists are deemed not to be 100% comfortable due to an inaccurate prescription then our podiatrists will issue new orthotics with a brand new prescription at no extra charge.

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Custom orthotics guarantee Melbourne podiatrist

Nail Surgery Guarantee

We know the pain caused through an ingrown toenail. Fortunately nail surgery when performed accurately by a podiatrist can cure an ingrown toenail. At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we pride ourselves on professional care and quality service. That is why all nail surgery performed by our podiatrists comes with our 100% cure guarantee.

There is nothing worse than an ingrown toenail returning soon after nail surgery. The main reasons for this occurring are:

  • A small nail spike left at the root when the nail has been resected allowing for regrowth
  • Phenol not adequately destroying the nail matrix allowing for nail regrowth

Fortunately we estimate that these things only occur in a very small percentage of cases. If this happens to you or the original ingrown toenail problem returns following nail surgery then our podiatrists will happily perform the nail surgery again to fix the problem at no extra charge.

» See the terms and conditions of our nail surgery guarantee

Nail surgery guarantee Melbourne podiatrist