100% Custom Orthotic Comfort Guarantee

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we have full confidence in our podiatrist’s ability to prescribe you with accurate custom orthotics. That is why our fully prescribed custom orthotics come with a 100% comfort guarantee.

The number one reason for uncomfortable custom orthotics is the wrong prescription. If your custom orthotics prescribed by one of our podiatrists are deemed not to be 100% comfortable due to an inaccurate prescription then our podiatrists will issue new orthotics with a brand new prescription at no extra charge.

Custom orthotics can dramatically improve the function of your feet and your lifestyle provided they are prescribed right. So if you want 100% comfort with your next pair of custom orthotics trust the team at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics.

Custom orthotics guarantee Melbourne podiatrist

Terms and conditions:

1. Eligibility

  1. This guarantee only applies to custom orthotics prescribed by our podiatrists at our clinic. It does not apply to pre-fabricated orthotics or semi-customised Joey devices which are obtained via a foot tracing.
  2. Remakes and second pairs of custom orthotics prescribed by our podiatrists at our clinic are also eligible under this guarantee.
  3. This guarantee may not be available on all foot types. In some foot types 100% comfort and accuracy with custom orthotics can be trial and error. The podiatrist will advise you if this guarantee does not apply to your feet or to your custom orthotics before prescribing.
  4. This guarantee does not guarantee that our custom orthotics will fully resolve any associated symptoms. This merely guarantees the accuracy of the prescription and that your custom orthotics will be comfortable to wear.
  5. To be eligible for our custom orthotics guarantee you must attend all orthotic consultations including the issue, evaluation and 1 month review. The issue and evaluation consultations are included in the cost of your custom orthotics. The 1 month review will incur a separate consultation charge. If you fail to attend any of these appointments then the guarantee will be void.
  6. Only custom orthotics deemed inaccurate according to the below criteria will be eligible under this guarantee. Custom orthotics deemed accurate according to the below criteria instantly void the guarantee.
  7. The podiatrist will ultimately determine if your orthotics are inaccurate or uncomfortable and whether you have claims under this guarantee.
  8. If your orthotics are deemed inaccurate then the podiatrist will order a full remake with a brand new prescription according to the remake conditions outlined below.

2. Accurate custom orthotics

  1. All custom orthotics that have passed the evaluation and first review stage without complaint or comfort issues will deemed to be 100% comfortable and 100% prescribed accurately. They will no longer be eligible under the guarantee.
  2. All custom orthotics that have been issued for a duration of 2 months or more without complaint or comfort issues, regardless of appointments attended, will also be deemed 100% comfortable and accurate. They will no longer be eligible under the guarantee.

3. Inaccurate custom orthotics

1. Custom orthotics deemed uncomfortable or inaccurate will include the following:

a) Obvious rubbing or irritation of the sole of the foot due to the orthotics.
b) Orthotics which are causing foot symptoms other than those that they were originally prescribed for.
c) Orthotics that are unable to be worn for long periods due to severe discomfort.
d) Orthotics deemed to be an inaccurate prescription by the podiatrist.

2. This guarantee does not apply to the following:

a) Orthotics that a patient no longer wants and deemed accurate by the podiatrist.
b) Orthotics that have been lost or damaged.
c) Issues with top covers, padding and other accessories on the orthotics.
d) Wear and tear of covers.
e) Issues with orthotic fit in footwear due to inappropriate patient footwear.
f) Symptoms that were present before the issue of the orthotics and that have not fully resolved.
g) Orthotic comfort issues arising due to mental health issues, psychological disorders and sensory disorders, that may affect a patient’s ability to tolerate any orthotic device. Remakes for these patients will be solely at the podiatrists discretion and for issues deemed inaccurate according to the above criteria.

4. Adjustments and modifications

  1. Minor adjustments and modifications are a normal and important part of the custom orthotic fine tuning process. These are generally performed at the evaluation and review stage and help to optimise the function of your orthotics. Remakes will not be made in place of minor adjustments or modifications.
  2. Remakes will only be made if an orthotic is still deemed inaccurate or uncomfortable by the podiatrist following any final adjustments at the review stage.

5. Custom orthotic remakes

  1. If your orthotics are deemed inaccurate then the podiatrist will order a full remake with a brand new prescription. Refunds will not be offered unless they meet the refund conditions outlined below.
  2. A podiatrist may decide to do a remake at either the issue, evaluation or review stage.
  3. All custom orthotic remakes will be made at no extra charge though a consultation charge may still be applicable at the issue of the remade orthotics if it is during or after the review stage.
  4. Custom orthotic remakes performed at the issue or evaluation stage will incur no consultation charge at the issue of the remade orthotics.
  5. Failure to attend any no charge appointment associated with custom orthotic remakes may result in a consultation charge being applied by the podiatrist at the next appointment.
  6. At the issue of the remade orthotics all previous prescribed pairs must be returned. Failure to return previous orthotics may result in the podiatrist refusing to issue a remake. Failure to return other pairs may result in charges for any new or remade orthotic devices.
  7. Remakes will be made with the same orthotic cover options as the original device, unless the covers are the causative issue. A change of covers may incur an additional cost if they aren’t the causative issue.
  8. In some cases a podiatrist may choose to trial a pre-fabricated orthotic device instead of a custom remake. If this device is comfortable then a refund will apply on the custom orthotics according to the terms below.

6. Refunds

  1. Any refund for inaccurate custom orthotics will be at the sole discretion of the podiatrist.
  2. Refunds will only be offered if after a total of 2 remakes, the orthotics are still deemed inaccurate according to the above criteria.
  3. A podiatrist may also choose to refund a patient, even if a patient prefers a remake, where the podiatrist feels that it is impossible to achieve a comfortable orthotic for the patient’s foot type, even with a brand new prescription.
  4. Refunds will only be processed on the return of all pairs of custom orthotics in the patient’s possession that apply under this guarantee.
  5. Refunds will be given on the out of pocket costs incurred on the custom orthotic devices only. Costs associated with biomechanical assessment, gait analysis, casts / 3D foot impression and reviews will stand as they form part of the consultation process.
  6. In some instances a pre-fabricated orthotic may be trialled in place of a remake or initial refund. If the pre-fabricated devices are comfortable then the cost of these devices will be subtracted from any custom orthotic refund.
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