Our nail surgery guarantee

We know the pain caused through an ingrown toenail. Fortunately nail surgery when performed accurately by a podiatrist can cure an ingrown toenail. At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we pride ourselves on professional care and quality service. That is why all nail surgery performed by our podiatrists comes with our 100% cure guarantee.

There is nothing worse than an ingrown toenail returning soon after nail surgery. The main reasons for this occurring are:

  • A small nail spike left at the root when the nail has been resected allowing for regrowth
  • Phenol not adequately destroying the nail matrix allowing for nail regrowth

We estimate that these things only occur in a very small percentage of cases. If this happens to you or the original ingrown toenail problem returns following nail surgery then our podiatrists will happily perform the nail surgery again to fix the problem at no extra charge.

Melbourne Podiatrists Nail Surgery Guarantee

Terms and conditions:

  1. This guarantee applies only to nail surgery performed by our podiatrists at our clinic.
  2. This guarantee is available to both partial nail avulsions and total nail avulsions.
  3. To be eligible for the nail surgery guarantee you must attend all redressing appointments as advised by the podiatrist and the 2 month post follow up consultation.
  4. All redressing appointments are included in the cost of nail surgery. The 2 month follow up is a separate billed consultation. Nails are slow growing so this 2 month follow up is essential to ensure that the nail has not regrown.
  5. If you notice a problem outside of the redressing appointments or the 2 month follow up then you should first make an appointment for assessment. This will be billed as a separate consultation.
  6. Nail surgery will be deemed unsuccessful if there is significant nail regrowth and the original problem returns.
  7. All nail surgery that needs to redone will be at the sole discretion of the podiatrist. Following assessment if it is determined that nail surgery needs to be redone the podiatrist will rebook a new appointment to allow for the redo procedure.
  8. If nail surgery is to be redone then it will be redone by the same podiatrist under the same sterile surgical conditions. If that podiatrist is unavailable or on leave and the surgery is required more urgently it will be performed by another available podiatrist at the clinic.
  9. Nail surgery that needs to be redone will be performed at no extra charge. All consultations for prior assessment or to determine if nail surgery needs to be redone will be billed as a standard consultation charge. All future re-dressings post procedure will be at no charge.
  10. Nail surgery that needs to be redone prior to any billed review or consultation (e.g. determined during a no charge redressing appointment) will be charged at the cost of a standard consultation. All future redressings will be at no charge.
  11. No refunds or compensation will be given for previous surgery.
  12. This guarantee does not apply to the following:
    1. Issues with local anaesthetic
    2. Issues with post-op infection
    3. Severe trauma to the nail post-op
  13. Nail surgery that has been redone will still be eligible under this guarantee.
  14. Nail surgery will be deemed to be 100% successful if at least 6 months has lapsed post nail surgery and there has been no reported problems.
  15. This guarantee only covers nail surgery performed within a 6 month time frame. Please be aware that nails may still curve in future as they respond to pressure and trauma. Ingrown toenails can still recur in future over many years if the nail is subject to this repeated pressure. All ingrown toenails returning after 6 months duration will be deemed to be due to new causes and will be treated as a new ingrown toenail.
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Our podiatrists can cure your ingrown toenail safely and effectively with nail surgery performed at our Melbourne clinic. Rest assured in the knowledge that we offer a 100% cure for ingrown toenails following surgery through our nail surgery guarantee.

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