At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we strongly value our relationship with referrers.

We understand the importance of team work between health professionals to achieve high quality patient care. That is why our Melbourne podiatrists are always immediately contactable if you have a question regarding patient care or a special request.

Download a Podiatry Request Form

Referrers please find some downloadable podiatry request forms below. These forms can be filled out on the spot and then printed. It may help save time and the need for a written letter. It  also displays our practice information and location which is handy for the patient.

NB. A GP referral for podiatry services is not essential and a patient can access our services without a referral.

Download Podiatry Request Form B&W or Podiatry Request Form Colour

Please feel free to use the online form on the right if you would like any of our business cards / brochures for your clinic or if you have a special request. Alternatively If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on (03) 9882 5584.

Online training videos

Our online training videos are designed to help GPs and other Allied Health practitioners to:

  • Better recognise common foot problems
  • Aid in initial treatment
  • Know when to refer to a podiatrist

Online training videos are coming soon. Watch this space!