Important telehealth information

Please read the following as it contains important information on how to prepare for your telehealth consultation at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics.

Telehealth link

You will receive an email and SMS message with a link to your online video consultation. If you booked your appointment out of hours this link will get sent the next day when the clinic reopens. Please don’t lose this link. You will need to click on this link or paste it in your browser to be directed to our online video consultation room.

If you do not receive your link, lose it or are having difficulties accessing the link please call our reception team on +61 3 9882 5584 or email

New patients

If you are a new patient you will need to fill out our online new patient form prior to your telehealth consultation.

Telehealth online podiatry consultation Melbourne


Prepayment is required for all telehealth podiatry consultations including Medicare CDM referrals.

NB. Telehealth consultations will not proceed until full payment is provided.

Medicare CDM patients

If you are Medicare CDM patient we suggest you hold off on paying until your documents are verified. If you are a new patient please upload your referral documents via our online new patient form. If you are an existing patient please email referrals to Once your referral is received we will send you a new payment notification.

If you do not send us the paperwork prior to consultation and we cannot verify your referral you will be charged our standard fee.

How to pay

The cost or your telehealth consult will be included in your initial confirmation email or SMS.

You can prepay for your telehealth consult in the following ways:

  1. Via credit card on our website’s secure online payment gateway.
  2. Via credit card over the phone on +61 3 9882 5584.
  3. Via credit card at the start of your online consultation (the podiatrist will send you a payment request).
Pay now

How to prepare for your telehealth consultation

We use Coviu for our telehealth podiatry consultations. To get the most out of your telehealth consultation and to avoid technical issues it is important that you pretest your device and equipment prior to your consultation.

1. Check your internet speed

Coviu needs the internet to work. All you need is a minimum of 350Kbps for both upload and download. To test your internet connection, please click the button below.

Run a speed test

2. Check your device

Coviu has been built to run on all modern machines, both computers and smart devices such as iPhones and iPads. However for the best overall user experience we recommend a laptop or computer, with a HD webcam or inbuilt camera, using Google Chrome.

Most laptops that are from 2010 and later will have an inbuilt camera, speaker, and microphone. If your laptop is from before 2010 you will need to investigate your hardware. To test if your computer is Coviu ready simply click the button below.

NB. Some smart devices may fail some of the precall tests but will still work on Coviu provided they have a working video camera and microphone.

Test my device

3. Check your web browser

Please make sure your web browser and operating system on your device is updated to the latest version. For the best experience with Coviu we recommend using the following browser:

  • Laptop or Desktop use Google Chrome for the best experience. Firefox will also work but may restrict screen sharing abilities.
  • iPad or iPhone you must use Safari 12+ only.
  • Android use the Google Chrome browser.

4. Close all other apps and programs

Make sure you close down apps, programs or other streaming services on your device as this may slow down your internet speed and affect the overall quality of your experience.

Telehealth online podiatry consultation Melbourne

Tips for the best telehealth user experience

To get the most out of your telehealth podiatry consultation follow the tips below:

  • Make sure you pretest your webcamara and device.  Make sure it is fully charged before your online consult.
  • Make sure your webcam, laptop or device can adequately display your foot concerns. The device may need to be positioned close to your feet or on the ground during the consult. Make sure cords can reach.
  • Make sure you have your speaker volume turned up or know how to adjust your speaker level. This is a common mistake people first make. If your volume is not turned up you will not hear the podiatrist.
  • Make sure you are in a good, quiet location with plenty of room and good lighting. You can also use headphones if you want to be more discreet.
  • Consider taking photos or videos of your foot or problem to share during your consultation. Make sure they are saved on the device you intend to use. This makes it easier to share and saves valuable time.
  • A good idea is to draw on your foot or leg prior to your consultation to mark the specific spots where you get pain. This can often help the podiatrist in identifying the exact location of your pain.
  • If you think you have flat feet or concerned of the way you walk you might need to position yourself close to a hallway so we can view you walking. You may need someone present to film you. A better idea would be to film and save the video prior to your consult.
  • Please have any orthotics close by and readily available during the consult.
  • Please have any applicable footwear such as your walking, running, work or day to day shoes close by and readily available during the consult.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing that can easily be rolled up above your ankles to display your feet.
  • Be prepared. Take your shoes and socks off before your consultation.  Make sure your feet are clean. For nail concerns make sure nail polish is removed.

Joining your telehealth consultation

Great you have done all the pretesting and your camera and microphone passed with flying colours. Now all you need to do is join the consultation.

We recommend joining your telehealth consultation at least 5 mins before your scheduled time in case our podiatrists are running ahead of time.


There is no need to sign up with Coviu, simply click on the link to enter your podiatrist’s online waiting room. If you are having issues try copying the link and pasting it in your browser (either chrome or safari depending on your device). If entering the link manually remember the link is case sensitive.

Joining your online video podiatry consultation Melbourne


You will be asked to take a selfie for identification as well as fill in your first and last name. This is so your clinician can identify you for security purposes. The photo is not stored anywhere on Coviu. You will also be prompted by the browser to “enable camera and microphone” please click YES to enable.

Joining your online video podiatry consultation Melbourne


You will be asked to read and accept the informed consent.

Joining your online video podiatry consultation Melbourne


Congratulations! You don’t need to do anything else. You should now be in the virtual waiting room, listening to music, ready for your podiatrist.

Joining your online video podiatry consultation Melbourne


When the podiatrist is ready for your they will allow you into their private virtual consulting room and the telehealth session will start.

Telehealth podiatry consultation Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics


If you are having any issues joining your telehealth podiatry consultation please call our friendly reception team on +61 3 9882 5584 and they will be happy to assist.


Could you benefit from a telehealth podiatry consultation?

Do you want to access our services but live too far away? Do you have limited time or cannot travel to our clinic? Do you want a second opinion with a podiatrist without a face-to-face consultation? Telehealth enables us to deliver podiatry services to you via the convenience of an online video consultation.

Book your telehealth consultation with one of our friendly Melbourne podiatrists today!