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– Sam Brown, Owner and Head Podiatrist

Our Melbourne podiatry clinic offers a full range of podiatry and orthotic services, including custom-made orthotics, to the whole family from children’s feet, to adults to seniors. Our Melbourne podiatrists pride themselves on customer service and results. The most important person in our practice is YOU and your needs always come first.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a specialist branch of allied health focusing on treatment of conditions and injuries affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg.

The qualified podiatrists at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics can assist in the accurate identification of your condition using clinical evaluation of gait, lower limb and foot biomechanics, to ensure the treatment plan we put together is targeted to your individual needs.

We provide ongoing rehabilitation including stretching and strengthening exercise, custom orthotics and management of ongoing conditions to prevent foot complications.

Our podiatrists undertake ongoing training and learning to ensure our skills and knowledge are current and relevant so you can expect nothing but high quality treatment.

What can Podiatry help with?

There are many conditions that can affect your foot, ankle and lower leg and many of these can have an impact on your day to day activity.

Our Melbourne Podiatry team offers a full range of podiatric services. From general podiatry problems issues such as corns, callus and nail fungus treatment to specialised podiatry foot care including ingrown toenail surgery, plantar fasciitis treatment and custom-made orthotics, we bring knowledge and deliver results.

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Children's podiatrist Melbourne
Children’s Podiatry »
Our children’s podiatrists love treating children of all ages in our Melbourne podiatry clinic. Children’s feet are the corner stone to stability and lower leg mechanics. Flat feet can impact on posture and gait leading to a number of issues in both the present and future. If your child is suffering from any lower leg symptoms, exhibits an awkward gait or has flat feet then they should visit one of our friendly children’s podiatrists. Early diagnosis and treatment will result in better outcomes.
sports podiatrist Melbourne
Sports Podiatry »
Our Melbourne based sports podiatrists are experienced in treating all foot related lower leg sports injuries and are registered with Sports Medicine Australia. Many chronic lower leg sports injuries in athletes are caused by biomechanical faults and can be treated successfully following thorough diagnosis and gait analysis. Orthotics and proper rehabilitation can often help these cases in ironing out the faults, whilst reducing strain on muscles and tendons.
General Foot Care Melbourne podiatrist
General Foot Care »
As we age, it is important we take care of our feet, so as to maintain our mobility and overall health. Melbourne Podiatrists can treat and manage a whole range of problems affecting ageing feet including; diabetes, arthritis, ingrown toenails, corns, callus and other skin conditions. Our friendly and caring podiatrists can keep you on your feet, healthier and mobile for longer.
Diabetes foot care Melbourne podiatrist
Diabetes Foot Care »
Diabetes can have a number of complications and your feet are often the most at risk. Proper foot care and podiatry treatment is vital to help prevent infections, ulcers and amputations associated with diabetic feet. Our Melbourne podiatrists can perform a full diabetes assessment on your feet involving a check of your circulation and sensation to determine if your feet are high risk or low risk.
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Plantar fasciitis treatment Melbourne
Heel Pain – Plantar Fasciitis Treatment »
This condition is caused when the plantar fascia (thick band of tissue running under the arch of the foot) experiences excessive strain. The strain most commonly occurs near the attachment site in the heel or underneath the arch resulting in debilitating pain. Our Melbourne podiatrists are highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating plantar fasciitis, even if it is chronic, with patients often amazed at our success. One of our strengths is that our Melbourne foot care clinic focuses on treating the cause of plantar heel pain, not just the symptoms.
Diagnostic ultrasound Melbourne
Diagnostic Ultrasound »
We are always looking at investing in the latest technology to help our patients and we now offer diagnostic ultrasound at our Melbourne podiatry clinic. Diagnostic ultrasound (also known as sonography) is an imaging method that helps our podiatrists see structures inside your foot such as tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Our podiatrists find it particularly useful for diagnosing plantar heel pain which leads to more successful treatment outcomes.
Ingrown toenail treatment Melbourne
Ingrown Toenail Treatment »
Ingrown toenails are caused when a sharp nail spike starts growing into the tissue or sulcus. Our podiatrists can fix most ingrown toenails easily at our Melbourne podiatry clinic as long as treatment is instigated early, so don’t delay in seeking treatment. Antibiotics won’t fix an ingrown toenail as it only treats the infection, our podiatrists remove the spike and the cause, hence Melbourne Podiatrists should always be your first port of call, even before your GP or doctor.
Ingrown toenail surgery Melbourne
Nail Surgery »
Chronic ingrown toenails almost always require nail surgery for successful treatment. At our Melbourne clinic ingrown toenail surgery is a simple “walk in walk out” procedure performed by our podiatrists under sterile conditions. Ingrown toenail surgery can cure an ingrown toenail for life and our podiatrists guarantee you 100% cure through our nail surgery guarantee. Nail surgery can also be performed by our podiatrists to fully remove symptomatic thickened nails or other problematic toenails.
nail fungus treatment
Nail Fungus Treatment »
When fungus infects the skin under the toenails, it can result in unsightly discoloured nails, thickened nails or flaky and brittle nails. Melbourne Podiatrists can assess and diagnose fungal nails and recommend the best course of treatment. In addition to traditional fungal nail treatments, our clinic also offers revolutionary photodynamic therapy, known as PACT nail fungus therapy that is completely safe for mild to severe infections.
Local Podiatrist in Melbourne
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Telehealth podiatrist Melbourne
Telehealth »
We now offer telehealth consultations, which involves the use of digital and telecommunication technologies to deliver podiatry services online. This means you can receive expert treatment advice from our Melbourne podiatrists from the comfort of your own home or work place. Telehealth is a great option for those patients that live too far away or can’t travel to see us. It is also great for seeking a second podiatry or orthotic opinion.
Therapies Melbourne
Therapies »
At Melbourne podiatrists & orthotics we offer a wide range of therapies including, ultrasound, laser therapy and paraffin wax foot baths, to help treat your foot problem. They all provide therapeutic benefits to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and promote healing. When used in conjunction with other more conventional treatments such as orthotics, stretching and strengthening they can help speed up your recovery.
computer gait analysis Melbourne
Gait Analysis »
Using a treadmill, digital video and computer our Melbourne podiatrists can perform an accurate assessment of your walking or running pattern. Biomechanical faults are more easily detected with computer gait analysis and this greatly assists in diagnosing the cause of your injury or problem.
Orthotics Melbourne
Orthotics »
Orthotics are shoe inserts designed specifically to improve foot function and lower leg mechanics. They can help reduce a number of symptoms including back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain. Uncomfortable custom orthotics are those that have been poorly prescribed. Unlike other health professionals our Melbourne podiatrists are trained in all aspects of orthotic therapy and will make sure your custom orthotics are prescribed accurately through our orthotic comfort guarantee. We can also supply a range of other orthotic devices including pre-fabricated and semi custom-made Joey orthotics to suit all types of feet and all budgets.
CAM Walkers Moon Boots Melbourne podiatrist
A CAM Walker is a controlled ankle motion boot, commonly referred to as a “Moon Boot”. It is an orthopaedic device prescribed to help immobilise and treat lower leg injuries including foot stress fractures and non-displaced fractures. At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we stock a large range of CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) which are available for both hire and purchase.
Footwear advice Melbourne podiatrist
Poor footwear can have an adverse effect on your feet and is often the cause of many foot problems encountered by our podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic. Using computer gait analysis our podiatrists can accurately assess your feet and advise you on the most appropriate footwear for your gait. Whether its footwear advice for children’s growing feet, running, sports or orthopaedic specialist footwear, we will make sure that you are in the right type of shoe for your foot type.
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