CAM Walker (Moon Boot) hire & purchase Melbourne

Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics stock a large range of CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) at our Camberwell clinic which are available for both hire and purchase. Our range of boots are available in various sizes and either a low top design (ankle) or high top design (lower leg). Our CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) suit both children and adults.

When professionally fitted by one of our Melbourne podiatrists CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) may be claimable under your private health insurance.

What is a CAM Walker (Moon Boot)?

A CAM Walker is a controlled ankle motion boot, commonly referred to as a “Moon Boot”. It is an orthopaedic device prescribed to help immobilise and treat lower leg injuries.

CAM Walkers work by limiting ankle and foot motion. They also have a rocker sole which helps you move through the gait cycle whist reducing forces on the foot and lower leg.

In situations where weight-bearing immobilisation is required a CAM Walker will often be used in place of a cast or crutches.

CAM Walker Moon Boot Camberwell

CAM Walker (Moon Boot) Treatment Melbourne

CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) are primarily used by our podiatrists to treat a number of lower leg and foot injuries including:

  • Stable (non-displaced) foot, ankle and lower leg fractures.
  • Stress fractures and stress reactions of the foot, ankle and lower leg.
  • Grade 2 and 3 ligament strains and sprains of the foot and ankle.
  • Tendon tears and injuries of the foot and ankle.
  • Soft tissue and trauma related injuries of the foot, ankle and lower leg.
  • Plantar heel pain and plantar fasciitis not responding to traditional treatment.
  • Post-operative and rehabilitation use.

CAM Walker (Moon Boot) vs Plaster Cast

In situations where ankle immobilisation is required but weight-bearing not limited CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) have a number of advantages over casts and crutches. These include:

  • CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) make weightbearing and mobility easier.
  • CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) are more stable so there is less risk of tripping and falling.
  • CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) are often more comfortable and practical. They are adjustable and can be removed to ice, shower and sleep at night if required.
CAM Walker Moon Boot Treatment Melbourne

Low Top CAM Walkers vs High Top CAM Walkers

Low top CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) are best indicated for midfoot and forefoot foot injuries. They are also indicated for children where a high top CAM Walker is unsuitable.

High top CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) are best indicated for rearfoot, ankle and lower leg injuries. They are primarily used for foot and lower leg injuries that require more immobilisation than that provided by a low top walker.

Why should I see a podiatrist for CAM Walker (Moon Boot) fitting?

Our Melbourne Podiatrists can thoroughly diagnose your injury and help identify the likely cause of your injury. They will advise you on which CAM Walker (Moon Boot) is right for your treatment and if it is best to hire or purchase. If required they can also refer for diagnostic scans such as x-ray, ultrasound or MRI scans to help check your healing progress.

Our podiatrists provide a full CAM Walker (Moon Boot) fitting service

Our podiatrists provide a total CAM Walker (Moon Boot) service from sizing to fitting and instructions for use. They will also provide you with rehabilitation post boot use which can help you return to your activities sooner and prevent a future reoccurrence.

NB. Only CAM Walkers fitted by a podiatrist may be claimable under private health insurance.

Purchased CAM Walker (Moon Boot) fitting instructions

If you have purchased a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) from Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics you can download the fitting instructions below:

Cam Walker Low Top fitting instructions.pdf

Cam Walker High Top fitting instructions.pdf

CAM Walker Moon Boot Hire Purchase Melbourne

FAQ – CAM Walker (Moon Boot)

Sizing guide for our stock of CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) below:

XSMALL:         Mens US 2 – 4                   Womens US 3.5 – 5.5
SMALL:            Mens US 4.5 – 7                Womens US 6 – 8
MEDIUM:        Mens US 7.5 – 10.5           Womens US 8.5 – 11.5
           Mens US 10.5 – 12.5         Womens US 10.5 – 12.5
     Mens US 12.5 +                Womens US 13.5 +

* XLARGE sizes we advise using CAM Walker high top only

Yes. You will need to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists for all CAM Walker (Moon Boot) hire enquiries. A podiatrist will assess your problem, fit you in the right size boot and give you fitting and other treatment instructions.
All of our CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) available for hire come with a brand new fresh liner so you have no concerns when it comes to foot hygiene.
CAM Walker (Moon Boot) hire costs:

  • $50 for the first week including new liner.
  • $20 subsequent weeks.

All CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) hired are subject to the payment of a $80 deposit which is returned when the boot is returned.

NB. All podiatry appointments associated with hiring a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) are subject to a consult charge.

CAM Walker (Moon Boot) purchase costs:

  • $150 for purchase in either high top or low top design.

We advise that if you need a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) for 6 weeks or longer then it is always best to purchase the boot outright.

NB. All associated podiatry appointments are subject to a consult charge in addition to the cost of purchasing a CAM Walker (Moon Boot).

Yes. You may decide to purchase your hired CAM Walker (Moon Boot) at any time. We will deduct any hire price already paid from the purchase price. Your deposit can also be used to make up any price difference. Any excess deposit after purchase will be refunded.
No. However for comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation advice as well as correct sizing and fitting we strongly recommend an appointment with a podiatrist for all CAM Walker (Moon Boot) purchase enquiries.

NB. Only CAM Walkers fitted by a podiatrist may be claimable under private health insurance.

If you choose to come in and buy a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) without an appointment then we are not responsible for sizing, fitting and any treatment advice.

CAM Walker Moon Boot Hire Purchase Camberwell
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Are you looking for a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) in Melbourne?

If you are looking to hire or purchase a CAM Walker (Moon Boot) then Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics have you covered. Our range of boots come in either a high top or low top design and are suitable for both children and adults.

For the best CAM Walker (Moon Boot) treatment advice and fitting we recommend you book a consultation, with one of our friendly Melbourne podiatrists today.