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Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics love children and our paediatric podiatrists have been treating children’s foot problems successfully for over 30 years. Children’s feet are the corner stone to stability and lower leg mechanics. As children grow, they can be faced with a number of foot problems that affect lower leg mechanics. Many of them are common and will correct themselves with time, whilst others should be treated early for the most effective outcomes.

When should children visit a podiatrist?

If you have any concern regarding your child’s feet or lower legs then you should seek advice from our children’s podiatrists. No issue is too small and our podiatrists can diagnose treat all children’s foot problems including gait issues, ingrown toenails and warts.

If your child is suffering from any lower leg symptoms, exhibits an awkward gait or walk, has flat feet, uneven shoe wear, poor posture and stability then you should schedule a consultation with one of our children’s podiatrists. No age is too young to visit our Melbourne podiatry clinic and the saddest words we often hear from parents are “I wish I had brought my child for podiatry treatment earlier”.

Children's podiatrist Melbourne

Treatment of children’s foot problems at our Melbourne podiatry clinic

Children's podiatrist MelbourneSuccessful treatment of children’s foot problems can only occur after consultation and diagnosis by our children’s podiatrists. In our Melbourne foot clinic computer gait analysis is often used to help identify the source of walking issues in children. Treatment options for children’s feet vary but may include orthotics, stretching and strengthening. Most children’s foot problems are not of great concern and can be satisfactorily resolved with the right podiatry treatment and advice.

Common children’s foot problems

The following is a list of some common children’s foot problems that our podiatrists treat at our Melbourne Clinic:

flat feet children's podiatrist MelbourneFlat feet refers to a condition where your child’s arches flatten excessively. You may also notice excess rolling in of your child’s ankles. Flat feet function poorly and can place added strain on muscles and ligaments. This can lead to sore and tired feet and legs in children. Flat feet can be a causative factor in children’s foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

If you think your child may have flat feet then it is important to get your child’s feet accurately assessed by a paediatric podiatrist. Treatment for children’s flat feet usually involves orthotics to help restore the foot’s natural arch and alignment. Outcomes are often better following early orthotic intervention and no age is too young to be seen by a children’s podiatrist.

Intoeing children's podiatrist MelbourneCommonly known as a ‘pigeon-toed’ gait, intoeing occurs when a child walks with one or both feet turned in. Intoeing is a common paediatric podiatry problem, especially in children under 4 and is generally asymptomatic but severe cases can cause tripping. The cause of intoeing in children can come from the hip, lower leg, foot or a combination so accurate diagnosis by a qualified children’s podiatrist is key. Treatment outcomes are better if treated early and often only parent assurance and education is sometimes all that’s required. Podiatry treatment options for intoeing children include addressing postural issues, orthotics, gait plates, stretching and strengthening.
Out-toeing Melbourne children's podiatristOut-toeing or excess abduction occurs when a child walks with one or both feet excessively turned out. This can cause an apropulsive gait and the child may look clumsy when walking and running. An out-toeing gait is often associated with a flat foot and may cause other lower leg problems. This condition can have a number of different causes so accurate diagnosis by a children’s podiatrist is the key.  Early podiatry treatment at our Melbourne foot clinic will deliver best results and treatment often involves orthotics, gait plates, identifying and addressing postural issues, stretching and strengthening exercises.
Knock knees children's podiatrist MelbourneKnock knees or genu valgum refers to the condition when a child’s knees are together when standing while their feet are far apart. This condition is common and a part of natural development for children at age 4. If knock knees are excessive or persists into childhood it can lead to excess foot pronation, flat feet and poor lower leg mechanics. Following diagnosis our highly qualified children’s podiatrists will recommend the best course of treatment. Orthotics are often beneficial to help treat knock knees in children and help improve lower leg mechanics.
Bow legs children's podiatrist MelbourneBow legs, also known as genu varum, refers to the condition when a child stands with their ankles close together and their knees are far apart. Bow legs is common in infants, due to the position in uterus, but by the age of two the bow legs should ideally have straightened significantly. If bow legs are excessive or if they persist into childhood and adolescence it can lead to excess foot pronation and poor lower leg problems. Consultation with a children’s podiatrist is recommended if you notice excessive bow legs in your child after the age of two. Podiatry treatment options include orthotics to help improve lower leg mechanics.
growing pains Melbourne podiatristGrowing pains can be a problem for both children and parents. They usually coincide with children growth spurts and are most common in the muscles of the calves, thighs and behind the knee. Episodes of growing pains are spasmodic and symptoms can range from mild pain to a child awaking at night screaming in agony. Growing pains are thought to be caused by something similar to muscle fatigue and are most common in pre-school children simply because their muscles have not fully developed yet and hence they are more prone to fatigue.

Flat feet in children is a big factor in growing pains as poor foot function will place excess strain on rthe muscles of the lower leg. Podiatry treatment of children’s growing pains is aimed at improving stability, strength and flexibility of muscles whilst reducing strain on the lower leg. Treatment options include orthotics, footwear advice, stretching and strengthening.

NB. Pain in a child’s leg at night should always be taken seriously as it may be due to other more serious causes. Thus it is important that the origin of pain is accurately diagnosed by a children’s podiatrist at our Melbourne clinic.

Sever's disease children's podiatrist MelbourneSever’s disease is a growing condition that affects children usually between the ages of 8-14. It is caused by excessive muscle strain on the growth plate of the heel bone and results in heel pain, especially after sports and activities. Children that have tight muscles and poor foot function are more prone to Sever’s disease as these factors increase strain on the growth plate. Sever’s disease is one of the most common children’s problems encountered at our Melbourne Foot clinic.

Not all children will get Sever’s disease and those that do will eventually grow out of the condition when the bone stops growing. Podiatry treatment for Sever’s disease in children is aimed at reducing pain and managing the condition until this happens. Orthotics can often assist in reducing symptoms by improving foot function and lower leg mechanics.

Our podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating Sever’s disease in children and can help your child successfully manage this condition so they can still compete in their favourite sport or activity.

Osgood-schlatter disease children's podiatrist MelbourneOsgood-Schlatter Disease is a common cause of knee pain in children aged between 10 and 18. The child or adolescent will usually complain of pain at the front of the knee just below the patella. Often there is a noticeable swelling or lump in this area and pain can be during or after activity. Osgood-Schlatter disease is caused by excess strain on the growth plate of the tibia from the patella tendon in the knee.

Poor lower leg mechanics is often an overlooked factor in Osgood-Schlatter disease in children and orthotics can be of great benefit so don’t delay is seeking a consultation with one of our Melbourne podiatrists.

children's sports injuries podiatrist MelbourneAustralian children are very active in sport and as a result may be prone to sports injuries of the foot or lower leg. Poor foot mechanics and lower leg alignment can place added strain on muscles, tendons and joints and is often a major cause of children’s sports injuries.

Our sports podiatrists can use computer gait analysis to help diagnose the cause of painful sports injuries and can treat both acute and chronic injuries. Podiatry treatment of children’s sports injuries include orthotics, footwear advice, stretching and strengthening. Our friendly children’s podiatrists in Melbourne will help get your child back on the sporting field pain free.

warts children's podiatrist MelbourneWarts, also known as plantar warts, veruccae and papilloma, are a growth or lesion very common on children’s feet. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus and can present as single or multiple mosaic lesions on the foot. Warts will often appear to have a “cauliflower” like appearance and because they contain blood vessels sometime you may notice black spots within the lesion.

Our children’s podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating children’s foot warts. Treatment at our Melbourne clinic can range from simple home treatments to more aggressive clinic treatments like liquid nitrogen and highly concentrated acids. Children’s wart treatment at our Melbourne clinic is often painless so you should not be concerned about bringing your child in for wart treatment. Warts can often be frustrating to treat so it is important to seek early intervention with one of our podiatrists for best results.

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Children’s feet & orthotics

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Children’s feet can benefit greatly from orthotics prescribed by our Melbourne podiatrists. By helping to improve foot function and lower leg mechanics orthotics can help children become more stable and function better. Orthotics can take strain off important lower leg muscles and joints that are prone to overuse in children. They can also help reduce growing pains and symptoms associated with many children’s foot problems including Sever’s disease.

Our children’s podiatrists are highly experienced with children’s feet and are experts in orthotic prescription for children’s feet. At our Melbourne foot clinic we adopt a conservative yet thorough approach when it comes to children’s feet and orthotics and it is a primary reason why we are so successful.

Our Melbourne podiatry clinic stocks a wide range of children’s orthotics, from prefabricated devices to custom. Our children’s podiatrists are experts in custom orthotics and can prescribe devices for children of all ages. At our clinic we guarantee 100% accuracy of children’s custom orthotics through our custom orthotic guarantee. We are unaware of any other Melbourne podiatrist that offers the same level of service when it comes to children’s feet and orthotics, so why choose anyone else?

Children's podiatrist Melbourne

Has a podiatrist checked your child’s feet?

If you are concerned about your child’s feet, development or gait then book a consultation today with one of our friendly children’s podiatrists at our Melbourne podiatry clinic.

As well as paediatric podiatry services we also offer a wide range of general podiatry services including ingrown toenail surgery, nail fungus treatment and plantar fasciitis treatment to patients all over Melbourne.