We can assess your feet and recommend the best footwear

Our Melbourne podiatrists can assess your feet and advise you on appropriate footwear. Poor footwear is often the cause of many foot problems encountered in our podiatry clinic and can lead to skin problems such as corns, callus and blisters. Unsupportive footwear can lead to poor foot function which in turn can cause joint and tendon pain in the foot and lower leg. With the amount of time Australians spend on their feet at school, working and playing sport correct fitting shoes should not be underestimated.

Buying the right school or work shoe for your feet

A lot of hours can be spent on your feet whilst at school or at work so it is important that your shoes are both comfortable and supportive. Keep the following features in mind when purchasing a new pair of school shoes or work shoes:

  • Firm heel counter provides heel stability and support.
  • Heel height no greater than 2½ cms. Broad base gives greater stability.
  • Sole should be made out of non-slip resilient materials. It should be reasonably firm throughout and flex or “break” across the ball of the foot.
  • Toe box should be deep and wide enough to allow toes to spread naturally.
  • Length approximately one thumb’s width beyond the longest toe.
  • Leather uppers and linings will allow your feet to breathe.
  • Laces, buckles or velcro help ensure a snug fit and prevent foot fatigue.
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The importance of the right type of running shoes

During running forces of approximately three times your body weight are placed on your feet, making them more prone to injury. The right running shoes for your feet are vital to maintain good foot function and prevent injury.

Running shoes are a big money industry and there are many options to choose from for the consumer. You can’t simply just shop for a brand as within each brand there will be many different models made to suit different biomechanics. Running shoes have varying levels of support and cushioning which can have a positive or negative effect on your gait so the right advice is paramount.

Our Melbourne podiatrists are best placed to advise you on which running shoes are best suited to your feet. They can use computer gait analysis to accurately assesss your waking or running and will advise you on right pair of running shoes to improve foot function and prevent injury. Our podiatrists can also advise you if your feet would benefit from orthotics to help further control excess foot pronation and further improve your performance.

When should I change my running shoes?

Generally a good pair of running shoes will last anywhere from 500 -1000 kms. How long they last will depend on a number of factors including the shoe material, running surface, weight and your running style. If you are starting to develop symptoms then chances are your running shoes are on their way out.

Before buying new running shoes we recommend a gait assessment with one of our Melbourne podiatrists, especially if you are starting to develop symptoms. A greater understanding of how your foot functions will allow us to give you the best advice on which type of running shoes best suit your feet.

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The dangers of high heels

High heel shoes may make your legs look longer, be useful as fashion statements or weapons of defence, but walking in high heels increase the risk of developing foot and postural problems.

High heeled shoes place the foot in an unnatural position, affecting both the foot and overall body posture. Prolonged periods of walking in high heels can:

  • Place increased stress on the knees, back and neck.
  • Lead to permanent postural changes.
  • Increase pressure on the forefoot resulting in calluses and corns.
  • Increase the chance of developing bunions and toe deformities.

If you suffer from pain or problems with your feet associated with wearing high heels, seek a consultation with one of our friendly podiatrists today.

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Are your feet in the right shoes?

Our Melbourne podiatrists can give you the best footwear advice and can accurately assess your gait with computer gait analysis. Correct shoes are essential for comfortable feet and will help to prevent foot problems.

For more information on any of our services or to book a consultation, get in touch with the friendly team at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics today.