Cure your ingrown toenail with ingrown toenail surgery

Ingrown toenails are a painful condition in which the toenail grows into the flesh around your toes causing redness, swelling and even infection when left untreated. They can be caused by a number of factors, from incorrect nail cutting techniques and ill-fitting footwear to an unavoidable hereditary disposition.

If the ingrown nail is treated early, treatment is usually fast and effective, but chronic sufferers may require ingrown toenail surgery. This simple “walk in and walk out” procedure is performed at our Melbourne foot clinic by one of our highly trained podiatrists. Nail surgery takes just 1 – 1.5 hours and will help cure an ingrown toenail for life.

NB. Any surgical or invasive procedure, including nail surgery performed under a local anaesthetic, carries risk. Before proceeding with nail surgery we always advise patients to seek opinion and consultation with one of our qualified podiatrists first.

Quick, Simple and Guaranteed Results

Treating chronic ingrown toenails with surgery is a safe and effective procedure performed under sterile conditions by our experienced podiatry team. Compared to other nail procedures it is less invasive with minimal recovery time and post-op discomfort. With no need for hospital time and guaranteed results, you will enjoy a life free of the discomfort and pain caused by this problem.

At our clinic we guarantee results through our 100% cure nail surgery guarantee. We are unaware of any other Melbourne podiatrist that provides the same level of service when it come to ingrown toenail surgery so why choose anyone else?
ingrown toenail surgery Camberwell, Melbourne

Ingrown toenail surgery procedure at Melbourne podiatrists

Initial appointment

An initial assessment is essential before any nail surgery appointment can be scheduled. At this appointment the podiatrist will diagnose your ingrown toenail and take a detailed medical history to find out if you are suitable for ingrown toenail surgery. They will then explain the procedure in depth, quote you on associated costs and schedule your nail surgery appointment of you choose to proceed.

At Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics we understand that there is often urgency with ingrown toenail surgery so we will always make sure you can get a nail surgery appointment, even if its required at short notice.

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Nail surgery appointment

Ingrown toenail surgery is a simple “walk in walk out” procedure performed by our podiatrists under sterile conditions at our Melbourne podiatry clinic. You should bring in some open toed sandals or thongs for this appointment as you will have a bulky dressing on the toe post surgery. Please also feel free to bring in music, headphones or anything else that helps you relax.

Ingrown toenail surgery consists of the following simple 4-step procedure:

  • An injection of local anaesthetic is administered to the toe.
  • The ingrown section of nail is cut out at the root.
  • The nail bed is chemically sterilised to prevent regrowth of the offending section of nail.
  • The toe is cleaned and appropriately dressed with antiseptic to minimise post-op infection.
ingrown toenail surgery Camberwell, Melbourne

Redressing appointments

Your podiatrist will schedule you a redressing appointment 1 week following surgery. At this appointment the podiatrist will check the healing progress of your toe whilst making sure there is no regrowth or infection. A second redressing appointment is usually scheduled 3 – 4 weeks post surgery.

Redressing appointments are included in the cost of nail surgery. It is vital that you attend these appointments with your podiatrist to minimise infection and to ensure 100% cure of your ingrown toenail. Failure to attend redressing appointments may void your nail surgery guarantee.

2 month post surgery review

A 2 month review will be scheduled by the podiatrist post nail surgery. This review is a separate charged consult at our standard consultation rates. Toenails are very slow growing so this review is essential to ensure your nail surgery was 100% successful without any nail segment regrowth. Minor issues or problems can still be rectified at this stage post surgery.

NB. This review is compulsory for patients to meet the terms and conditions under our Nail Surgery Guarantee.


Ingrown toenail surgery at our podiatry clinic is “walk in and walk out” so there is literally no time off your feet. Post nail surgery you will have a big bulky dressing on your toe which you are required to keep dry for 2 days and to wear open toed sandals or thongs. Following removal of this dressing you can get back into normal footwear and resume normal daily living activities.

Most patients find they can resume most sporting activities after 2 weeks, whilst full healing of your toe takes approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Please speak to your podiatrist if you have any concerns or questions during recovery.


Nail surgery at Melbourne Podiatrists & Orthotics is a very effective procedure. We estimate cases of nail segment regrowth at less than 1%. In the unlikely scenario there is nail regrowth causing further issue or the original problem returns then you will be covered under our nail surgery guarantee. In these cases our podiatrists will happily perform a second nail surgery procedure at no extra cost to fix the original problem.

FAQ ingrown toenail surgery?

Because the local anaesthetic only affects the big toe you can safely drive home following ingrown toenail surgery. Please bear in mind that you will have a big bandage on the big toe, so please drive in appropriate footwear or barefoot. Elderly patients or those patients not confident in driving should arrange for a taxi or a lift home.

Yes. It is the ingrown toenail which causes the infection so having nail surgery is actually the solution to the problem and helps the infection to clear. The main issue with infection is sometimes this can affect the workings of the local anaesthetic. Our podiatrists will always thoroughly assess your ingrown toenail before and after nail surgery and will let you know if antibiotics are required at any stage.

Yes. Our podiatrists will happily perform up to 2 toes on the one day and can fix up to 4 nail segment sides (2 on each toe). When doing two toes we allow approximately 2.5 – 3 hours for the nail surgery procedure, although most procedures are finished in 2 hours.

Post nail surgery you will have a big bulky dressing on your toe for approximately 2 days and hence you are required to wear open toed sandals or thongs. Following removal of this dressing after 2 days you get back into normal footwear. As your toe is still healing it is important that your footwear is appropriate and a comfortable fit. If your footwear is too tight it will compress the sulcus (surrounding tissues) and potentially cause a delay healing.

This ultimately depends on healing and the activity but most patients find they can resume sporting activities after 2 weeks. Full healing of your toe will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks post ingrown toenail surgery.

Podiatrists are highly trained in ingrown toenail surgery. The chemical technique that we use compared to some other nail surgeries is minimally invasive, yet highly effective. This results in a high rate of success, minimal post-op pain and faster recovery times.

ingrown toenail surgery Camberwell, Melbourne
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