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Do you suffer from unsightly discoloured nails? If so you may have a fungal infection in your toenails. Our podiatrists can accurately diagnose fungal nails at our Melbourne podiatry clinic and recommend the best course of treatment. We know what causes nail fungus and know which treatments can help get results.

In addition to traditional topical fungal nail solutions, our Melbourne foot clinic now offers a revolutionary photodynamic therapy treatment known as PACT nail fungus therapy, which is completely safe for mild to moderate infections.

What is nail fungus?

A fungal nail infection occurs when fungus infects the nail plate or the skin underneath the nail plate. It can result in a discoloured nail (usually white or yellow), thickened, flaky or brittle nail.

Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne

What causes a fungal nail infection?

To get a fungal nail infection the fungus either has to enter through the top of the nail plate or via the skin underneath the nail. There are many factors which can make you more prone to a nail fungus infection and these include:

  • Sweaty feet that break down the nail plate and natural barrier of the skin.
  • Poor foot hygiene and feet that are prone to tinea or “athlete’s foot” infections.
  • Nail damage or trauma which causes separation of the nail plate from the nail bed.
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Why nail damage should be avoided

Nail damage or trauma to the nail plate is the most common precursor to nail fungus infections. Significant trauma to the nail bed will result in a nail plate that lifts off from the nail bed. This makes it easier for debris to get trapped underneath the nail. The dark moist conditions under the nail can then lead to a nail fungus infection. Nail damage is the reason why nail fungus infections are more prevalent in toenails than fingernails. Stubbing your toe, poor footwear and even poor foot mechanics are common causes of toenail damage.

If you have a damaged nail we recommend you get it assessed early by one of our podiatrists at our Melbourne clinic. Early detection and treatment of a damaged nail can help reduce the risk of a nail fungus infection.

How are fungal toenails diagnosed by a podiatrist?

Fungal toenails or nail fungus infections are easily diagnosed clinically by our podiatrists at our Melbourne foot clinic. Our podiatrists can easily spot the difference between a damaged nail and one that has subsequently been infected with nail fungus. If there is any doubt then our podiatrists can take a sample clipping of the nail for referral to pathology, which will confirm diagnosis.

Podiatry treatment for nail fungus

Common podiatry treatment options for fungal nails are outlined below:

Topical anti-fungal solutions

Our podiatrists know which topical solutions work best for nail fungus treatment. We can reduce a thickened nail and remove nail fungus from under the nail. This helps topical solutions work better as the solution is able to better penetrate the nail and get into the nail bed. It is estimated that topical solutions have a 30% success rate and for this reason it works best with mild to moderate infections.

Fungal Nail Treatment Camberwell

PACT nail fungus therapy

This revolutionary treatment is now available at Melbourne podiatrists and uses photodynamic therapy to destroy the nail fungus. Our clinic results estimate that PACT treatment has a 60-70% success rate which is similar to other nail fungus laser treatments. Unlike some laser treatments PACT is not expensive and is a great option for mild – moderate fungal nail infections. The best thing about PACT is that it is 100% safe and is a great alternative to oral medication and its side effects.

PACT Nail Fungus Treatment Melbourne

Oral anti-fungal medication

Oral anti-fungal medication is still considered the gold standard in nail fungus treatment and it is reported to have a 70% success rate. A course on oral anti-fungal medication can last up to 12 weeks. The reason why its success is greater is because the medication is circulated in your blood stream and this treats the nail fungus 24 hrs around the clock.

The main draw back with oral anti-fungal medication is that it is very strong medication and can often have nasty side effects, including liver damage. For this reason oral anti-fungal drugs are usually only prescribed following confirmation of diagnosis through pathology and treatment should be carefully monitored. Oral anti-fungal medication is best used for severe or chronic nail fungus infections or those which haven’t responded to conservative treatment. Our podiatrists can take a clipping of your nail and refer you to back your GP if they think oral medication is the best treatment option for your fungal nail infection.

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment Melbourne

Orthotics can help prevent fungal toenails

Orthotics for Fungal Nail Treatment Melbourne

Did you know that orthotics in some instances can help prevent a fungal toenail infection? A common factor in fungal nail infection is nail damage and your nails are more prone to damage if you have poor foot or lower leg mechanics. Feet that pronate or roll in excessively can squash toes and nails increasing forces on the sides of the nail plate. This ongoing micro trauma to the nail plate every time you walk can cause damage to the nail bed and may result in a nail that lifts off the nail bed, increasing your risk of nail fungus.

Our podiatrists are experts in custom orthotic prescription for all ages and for all foot types. Custom orthotics can help improve gait, alignment and foot function which can help keep toenails free of damage. At our Melbourne podiatry clinic we guarantee all patients accurately prescribed custom devices through our 100% orthotic comfort guarantee. We are unaware of any Melbourne podiatrist that offers the same guarantee so why choose anyone else?

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